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Who we are

  •      This web page is designed and directed to the mourners of the Colombian Merchant Marine to discuss the situation of this important sector of the country in order to seek contributions based on the experience of the members of the COLOMBIAN SEAFARERS.

This experience is accumulated from many years of hard work of several generations of seafarers who knew the golden times of Colombian merchant life, in Colombian ships. These generations are disappearing due to the normal development of life.

It seeks to order and administer those contributions and to be able to take advantage of some practical benefits that can be an aid or advice, without pretending to be holders of the truth, for those who have the capacity or the power to make changes.

In this order of ideas I have formed a small group for the edition of this medium, which is based on a WEB page and a magazine that will be published periodically.

In the administration and execution of the website and the magazine are:

Administracion, JAIRO QUINONES, retired naval officer with the rank of CAPITAN DE CORBETA, with a normal trajectory to the degree reached, pass through the Patrol boats fleet, afloat the sea warships units where, in the final naval seatime I was the Chief Engineer for the most operative unit of that moment; I went through administrative charges in the General Services departments of the Cadets Naval School and finally the position of Commander of the PUERTO LEGUIZAMO River Base.

Upon my ARMADA retreat, I sailed on the GRANELCO ships, later I was moved to the EARLY COAL Project of Cerrejon at Puerto Bolivar.

For reasons in which I had even the labor limitation of employment in the merchant medium in Colombia, I went to MIAMI, where I sailed two years in IMSA, company in charge of administration for a 11-ships fleet, including a 23500 DWT tons. I was promoted to the Company headquarter in-charged directly in the Company Organization in ways to be ready for the ISM system. Once the organization was ready I developed and implemented the ISM  System for the Office an the Fleet, some years later, the same por the ISPS, being both the Designated Person of Ashore and the Company Security Officer.

Later I went to another company to manage both ISM and ISPS for a bulk carrier, the operative part was exercised by another group.

At the end of my working life I formed my own company to manage cargo ships for almost six years.

The Engineering of the Web Page and publication of the magazine is being exercised by Retired Chief Engineer CARMELO BALSERA, who held this position for many years aboard the cargo ships of the IMSA company, a corporation based in MIAMI.

He was part from the group in-charge of the implementation of the ISM System in the fleet of 11 ships.

Later he retired from the company and was temporal adviser for the cargo ships.

Already in his retirement he has dedicated, almost as a hobby, to the world of computers and programming

Finally, but not least important, this ADMINISTRATION is supported by a group of important seafarers, without their written contribution, the existence of MARSEC ONE magazine would not be possible.

In the future we hope to have correspondents in some cities.

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